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Jun 16, 2019 | News Flash

Guest Aircraft SNB-1 “Kansan”

The Beechcraft SNB-1 “Kansan” is a Navy version of the venerable Army AT-11 “Kanasan”. During World War II, the Kansan was used extensively as a bombardier/navigator trainer and gunnery trainer. While more than 1500 AT-11’s were built for the Army, only 110 SNB-1’s were built for the Navy. This aircraft is one of the few SNB-1 survivors and the only active one flying today. The aircraft will be on display at least through AirExpo.

A history of Beechcraft Construction Number 3815 – Navy designation SNB-1 – Bureau Number 51025 as compiled by Bob Parmerter

  • United States Navy accepted 17 Aug 1943.
  • To Naval Air Station Denver 1947.
  • To Naval Air Ordinance Training Station, Chincoteague Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Virginia 1950.
  • To Bureau of Aeronautics Maintenance & Supply, Pensacola 1951.
  • To Detroit Bureau of Aeronautics Representative, Naval Reserve Air Base, Detroit 1951-1953.
  • Struck 24 July 1957 with 3807 hrs Total Time and stored at NAF Litchfield Park, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Sold by the United States Navy Contracting Officer Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego to Thurman E. Yates, Gila, New Mexico for $5,625. Invoice dated 12 October 1957 but Bill of Sale dated 18 May 1958 (FAA forms have erroneous c/n 3906).
  • Certificate of Airworthiness & registered as SNB-1 N7275C on12 Feb 1958.
  • Exterior cabin door enlarged & jump step for smoke jumpers installed using US Forest Service drawings 10 February 1959.
  • Hartzell 3 bladed props installed 3 February 1962.
  • To Jimmie M. Grimes, Silver City, New Mexico Bill of Sale 19 August 1963 for $5,400 included spare engine & parts. [Carried El Paso Skydivers to 15,500 ft for drop at dedication of Silver City, New Mexico Airport 25 Oct 1964].
  • To Robert Iozia, El Paso, Texas/Miami Shores, Florida Bill of Sale 7 November 1968.
  • To James F. Peterson, El Paso, Texas Bill of Sale 23 May 1969.
  • To Custom Welding & Fabricating Inc, Mooringsport, Louisana Bill of Sale 2 February 1980.
  • US registration cancelled 6 March 1981 as exported to Canada.
  • To Jerry C. James, Vancouver, British Columbia Bill of Sale 4 March 1981 as C-GICC. It had Navy, Caddo Lake, Swamp Chicken markings.
  • To Courtesy Aircraft, Rockford, Illinois Bill of Sale 6 January 1984.
  • Cancelled Candian Registration 23 January 1984.
  • To Wm Russell, Raybourne Thompson, & Douglas L. Scott, Houston, Texas Bill of Sale 18 January 1984.
  • Registered 30 January 1984 as N145SC & Certificate of Airworthiness 14 February 1984.
  • Douglas L. Scott to Russell & Thompson Bill of Sale August 1984.
  • Seen March 1985 in “San Diego NAS  25” markings.
  • By October 1986 in Chinese Air Force markings.
  • By 1988 modified with working bomb bay doors, porthole cabin windows, smoke system, gun turret with propane sound effects & turret fairings.
  • US Navy “C-55” markings seen by October 1995.
  • For sale by Stetson Aircraft, Kenedy, Texas in 2006.
  • Registered to owner in Indianapolis, Indiana on 19 September 2006.

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