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Wings of the North Air Mail Newsletter Header
Wings of the North Air Mail Newsletter Header

Mar 5, 2021 | News Flash

Announcing Our New Web Design

We are proud to announce our new web design! We have made the site into a lean, clean, flying machine that celebrates these four loves-
• Love of Education – we exist to teach others about the heroism and sacrifices of our elders.
• Love of Industry – rebuilding, polishing, fueling, and cleaning up oil spots is what we do!
• Love of People – young or old, we are here to connect hearts and minds to aviation.
• Love of Flying – our spectacular collection belongs in the air for all to enjoy!

We would like to thank John Chvatal and his web creation firm Trinity Aviation Solutions. His tireless efforts brought this to life, along with Matt Markham, Jon Soderquist, Judy, and Bob Jasperson, Hannah Bauer, Gary Krieg, Cary Pao, Becky Grems, Gary Applebaum, Doug Ahmann, Greg Kaminski and others. Imagery by Max Haynes.

Please take a look at the many pages of this online display and be sure to share it with your aviation friends! Then plan a visit to the real deal, we’d love to show you around. In fact, we are going one step further to entice visitors by making each second Sunday a super sweet savings deal!

Jack Larsen, Wings of the North President

Second Sundays Free Museum Admission

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