boeing n2s-1 stearman

Model Background

The Boeing Stearman was built to be a primary training aircraft for pilots in the Army Air Force and Navy.  There were many different variants of the Stearman.  Most of the variations were the results of using different engines.

History of the Wings of the North Stearman

The Wings of the North Stearman is an N2S-1 Stearman.  It was stationed at the Minneapolis Naval Air Station and is one of several that was flown by former President George H. W. Bush during his flight training.  The aircraft restoration was completed by Aircorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN and had its first post restoration flight on July   11, 2015.

Military History
26 January 1941 Accepted
28 January 1941 Naval Air Station Pensacola
29 April 1941 Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
11 November 1942 Naval Reserve Aviation Base Minneapolis
28 January 1943 Flown by George H. W. Bush for 1.3 hours, remarks: C solo
5 February 1943 Flown by George H. W. Bush for 1.5 hours, remarks: D solo.
?  NAPT Minneapolis
31 March 1943  NAPT Minneapolis
?  Aircraft Pool Minneapolis
?  Aircraft Pool St. Louis.
Civilian History
26 April 1945 J.O. Dockery of Stuttgart, Arkansas (only initials appear on paperwork) bought Bu No 3347 for $875 from Defense Plant Corporation, a corporation created by Re-construction Finance Corporation pursuant to Section 5d of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act, a corporation designated to sell surplus military equipment at the end of WWII.  CAA registration N50061 approved.
9 September 1946 Dockery Air Service had a chemical hopper installed in the front cockpit with wind driven agitator.
15 February 1950 Additional hopper supports installed.
30 June 1950 Continental 670 removed, Pratt and Whitney T1 B3 (R985 AN3) 450 hp installed (serial number 20041), Hamilton Standard constant speed prop 2030-227 (serial number 119838) installed along with mount, oil tank, heater box, stainless steel muffs and controls pursuant to N61123.
25 May 1965 FAA (earlier CAA) registration N50061 cancelled.
18 October 1972 FAA registration N50061 reinstated.
19 October 1972 Purchased by Robert C. Hood of Carthage, Missouri for $1.00.
18 January 2011 Purchased by Bary Sima of Salome, Arizona for $1.00 (and Love).
2014 Purchased by Paul Ehlen.
November 2014 3347 arrives at AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN for restoration.
July 11, 2015 First post restoration flight in Bemidji, MN.  Click here for a look at the restoration from AirCorps.
July 26, 2015 Paul Ehlen is awarded Best Stearman at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the aircraft.  AirCorps Aviation is awarded Silver Wrench for the restoration.

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