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Feb 1, 2018 | News Flash

A Thank You From Sue Heyward

As the first Super Bowl Heritage Flight approaches, Chuck Cravens and Glory Loebs of AirCorps Aviation received this touching tribute to the Greatest Generation from Sue Heyward, daughter of Suzy Lang, who inspired the name of the Sierra Sue II P-51 Mustang that will lead the Super Bowl flyover. Wings of the North, home of Sierra Sue, is grateful for the opportunity to help commemorate this legacy today and for future generations.  

I can never thank you enough for ALL that you have done to recognize my mom, Suzy, my dad, Earl and an entire generation whose names have faded, but whose efforts and courage live forever.

They were mostly common folk from farm and city, from families big and small, who were united in their love of this great country and a belief they could make a difference against dictators far away who spewed blind evil. They came to the cause from classrooms where they said The Pledge, hit baseballs in the spring, hauled their books to and from school, and fell in love. They came knowing that they may never return again to the house they called home, but be buried at a sweet, young age in the cemetery on the hill.

Their parents knew the sacrifice, knew the horrific pain, but kissed their foreheads, took them to the train, and went home to pray. Dear God, please may we never forget the sacrifice of so many so long ago, and thank you for the perseverance of a few who choose to honor our lost heroes with research and always, always a sense of purpose.

Thank you!

Best regards, everyone is looking forward to the Super Bowl Legacy Flight!

Sue Heyward
Daughter of Suzy Lang (Sierra Sue)

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